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The Voter Activation Network.


SKO was created to meet the unique needs of a special client—the Voter Activation Network (VAN). VAN provides cutting-edge online voter file technology used by Democratic political campaigns. While the technology is revolutionary, the website was not. To make the project a success, VAN put together a team that would best meet their needs.

Ben Spear was independently operating a design consultancy firm—Thinkside. Ben is a staunch believer in the "less is more" approach to graphic design, and VAN liked his work. Ben was hired. But two pieces were missing. First, the website copy had to be clear, captivating and original. Second, the structure of the website had to be ahead of the curve. Ben had existing professional relations with a highly regarded copywriter (Robert O'Shaughnessy) and a political campaign consultant/web architect (Adam Klaus) and the three joined together to plan, create and deliver a top-notch website.

As the project finished, the feedback from VAN was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that the three team-members decided to think collectively and to leverage individual talents to offer clients a partnership that would break through the clutter and make them heard.

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