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Benjamin Spear

Project Management

Ben was always a very curious growing up. Unsatisfied with existing answers, he has made a career out of asking "Why?" This same curiosity led Ben to the marine biology department at Boston University, but his artistic bent quickly led to a transfer to the less structured yet infinitely more challenging classical program at the university's College of Fine Arts. Upon graduating with a degree in graphic design, he was successfully courted by the Boston- and New York-based multimedia design collaborative schwadesign, where he worked for several years at duties ranging from production and design to project management. After contracting with the data visualization studio Visual i|o, he launched his own boutique design firm, Thinkside. In addition to his work with SKO, Ben continues to maintain Thinkside and regularly consults with Olson Zaltman Associates, a Harvard-based neuroscience research consortium.

Ben's work has taken him all over the world, but he's never as happy as when he's working for local small businesses and non-profit organizations. He is most proud of his work for AIDS Action Committee, The Boston Jewish Film Festival, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.