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Adam Klaus

Web Developer
Project Management

If a fourth-grade campaign to stop his school's use of Styrofoam lunch trays is any clue, Adam Klaus has always had a hunger for improving the world around him. He has been working professionally in community, national, and electoral groups for more than six years. In a variety of campaigns, Adam gradually specialized in the strategic use of information and messaging to increase the effectiveness of a given campaign or organization. His body of work spans websites, newsletters, and direct mail pieces. Adam headed the training department of the U.S. Student Association for two years, served as Chair of the Associated Students of Madison at the University of Wisconsin (1999-2000), was a staffer on Tammy Baldwin's successful congressional campaign (2000), served as Wisconsin State Director of the Young Voter Alliance (2004), and has worked with the community organization ACORN.

He currently consults for a variety of organizations, including the League of Young Voters, Choice USA, outLoud Radio, and the University of California Student Association.